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Why get a pageant coach?

What is the difference between the girl on the left and the girl on the right? Well for starters about a 12 year age gap, no bangs, a different level of confidence and knowledge. The girl on the right is me at 14 years old. I had just won my first pageant and had no idea what I got myself into. The picture on the left is me at Mrs. America in November of 2021.

For two years I was clueless in the pageant world. I did grow my knowledge from being around it but it wasn't the level I was wanting. In 2012 I started using a pageant coach and never looked back. So you might be wondering the benefits of having a pageant coach VS not having one.

Do I need a pageant coach to win? To be quit frank... NO! I have seen girls win who have never competed before win the title! A pageant coach is there to help you grow in your skills and ability! They should never try to change who you are as a person! They should only help you become more well rounded and help you grow in your focus areas.

What will I gain from having a pageant coach? Sometimes pageants are a tiny phase in your life! For others it might be something they do for the rest of their life! The skills you learn from a pageant coach should carry into your day to day life! My pageant interview training has carried into my career. Every job I have interviewed for I have gotten! The feedback I receive it my interview seems relaxed and confident! This is because of my years of interview training! Focusing on walking and stage presence has also taught me how to confidently carry myself whenever I'm walking into a meeting or presentation.

Do I have to focus on everything? At Crown and Flare we focus on the area of competition that you want to focus on! We can also focus on each phase of competition! Each clients experience will be completely unique and 100% customize to your needs and wants!

Building your village! I truly believe that pageants are a team sport! It takes a village to win a pageant! Your village might be you and your family or it could included coaches, stylist, and directors! Having a pageant coach adds to your "village" as you prep for your pageant!

Having a coach will help you put your best foot forward when you are going after your next title! I would love to help you achieve your goals during your journey to the crown! If you are not ready to book a coaching session you can book a discovery call to find out more and share what you are looking for! This gives you a chance to see if we mesh well for coaching! No matter your decision I hope every contestant can find a coach that best fits them!

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